MyWingsOnline - The Beginning


Step 1   Review
    A review of the existing insurance programme will be done by the coach during a face-to-face interview. During the interview, it is important to establish the objectives of the insurance programme. The coach will perform a fact finding exercise and draw up a policy checklist.
Step 2   Summary
    A summary of all existing insurance programmes will be prepared, together with an analysis. The summary will be reviewed with the client to clarify any inconsistencies that may arise.
Step 3   Advise
    The Statement of Recommendation (SoR) for insurance will be prepared. It is a comprehensive report of your insurance plans providing recommendations as well as disclosures and disclaimers, concluding with the authority to proceed given by the client.
Step 4   Solutions
    The recommendations will come with products and/or services as a solution to the shortfall. The solutions proposed are designed to meet the requirements of the clients.
Step 5   Services
    The coach will help the client with all ongoing documentation to ensure both current as well as newly taken up programmes are properly executed and up-to-date. This will include, but not limited to, alterations to addresses and other personal details, nominations, payment modes, claims, policy loans, customer care, etc.