loan care

Loan Care

Step 1   Loans and mortgages products may be used for purchase of new properties or to refinance existing ones. We would need to identify the needs. In addition, we would fact find any financial information required for the application. Different lending institutions may prefer different types of properties, have different financial qualifications and require different financial documents. Our advisors will fact find these information before proposing a suitable product.
Step 2   After collecting the copies of documents, the advisor will need to sight the original documents as required by Bank Negara Malaysia. An explanation will be provided before the signing of documents.
Step 3   The application as well as documents will then be submitted for approval. There may be a request for verifications or more documents. The advisor will liaise with the client regarding this so as to expedite the process.
Step 4   Upon confirmation and acceptance, the Letter of Offer will be prepared for signing and execution. The Advisor will advise and assist the client to simplify the procedure.
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